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九年级英语unit5 what are the shirts made of课件

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173资源网fz173.com 小编今天为大家精心准备了九年级英语unit5 what are the shirts made of课件,希望对大家有所帮助!

  九年级英语unit5 what are the shirts made of课件


  Ⅰ. 根据所给的汉语提示,用合适的单词填空。

  1. Lucy looks like an angel in her new white      (短上衣).

  2. The T-shirt is made of      (棉).

  3. The big bus can be used as a      (可移动的) house. 

  4. The babies like to play on the      (草地) behind the house.

  5.      (法国) is about five times as large as Jiangsu Province in area.

  Ⅱ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

  1. The GPS map in my phone can help me avoid      (lose) my way.

  2. Apple is good at making high-tech       (produce), such as iPhones and iPads.

  3. After tea leaves are picked, they are sent to the factory for      (process).

  4. The yard looks beautiful with      (leaf) covering the ground.

  5. It is      (wide) known that Australia produces the best wool.

  Ⅲ. 从方框中选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空完成对话。

  postman, steel, local, German, wait

  A: Has the equipment (仪器) we ordered from Siemens arrived yet?

  B: Not yet. The (1)     came this morning but he didn’t bring any mail.

  A: Do you think we need to go to the (2)     post office for a query (查询)?

  B: Maybe you’re right. The boss is (3)     for it anxiously (着急地). By the way, do you know how long it takes a mail to get to China from (4)     ?

  A: It depends. What’s the equipment made of? (5)     ?

  B: Yes. It is heavy.

  A: Maybe we need to wait for a few more days. 

  Ⅳ. 用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空。

  A: Your new handbag looks so nice. And it (1)     (feel) nice, too.

  B: Yes. It (2)     (buy) in Hong Kong last month.

  A: It (3)     (cost) much, right?

  B: Yes. Look at the trademark (商标). It says it (4)     (make) in Italy. It’s a famous brand.

  A: Yeah. I have read a report about the brand. But do you know where its leather (皮革)

  (5)     (produce)?

  B: I have no idea.

  A: In China. Much leather in China (6)      (send) to Europe every year. And it is made into bags and shoes there. Then, many of these bags and shoes (7)     (sell) back to China.

  B: And the prices (8)     (raise) a lot?

  A: Of course. Usually, they (9)     (pay) for by the Chinese at a much higher price. This is how most famous luxury (奢侈品) companies (10)     (make) money.

  B: It seemed I was taught a lesson by you just now. I will think twice before I buy anything made in foreign countries.

  Ⅴ. 根据所给的汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。

  1. 这些西服都是手工制作的。

  These suits are all               .

  2. 网络在我们日常生活中越来越重要了。

  The Internet is becoming more and more important                    .

  3. 据我所知,西门子在19世纪40年代就创立了。

  I know, Siemens was set up in the 1840s.

  4. 无论发生什么,我都会跟你站在一起。

  happens, I will be on your side.

  5. 奶酪是由牛奶制成的,所以对身体有好处。

  Cheese                milk, so it is good for health.


  Ⅰ. 1. blouse 2. cotton 3. mobile 4. grass 5. France

  Ⅱ. 1. losing 2. products 3. processing 4. leaves 5. widely

  Ⅲ. 1. postman 2. local 3. waiting 4. Germany 5. Steel

  Ⅳ. 1. feels 2. was bought 3. costs/cost 4. is made 5. was produced

  6. is sent 7. are sold 8. are raised 9. are paid 10. make

  Ⅴ. 1. made by hand

  2. in our everyday life

  3. As far as 

  4. No matter what

  Unit 5 What are the shirts madeof?(第1课时)




  1.知识和技能目标:1)谈论产品有什么制造及产地 what is/are sth made of?或Where is/are sthmade in ?

  2) 掌握本课单词和短语be made of /be made in;了解一般现在时态被动语态的结构和用法;归纳和掌握make 构成的短语。




  三、教学重点:教学重点: 熟练掌握be made of ;be made in 的运用。



  六、教学准备: 多媒体课件 教科书 卡片 录音机 课前预习学案。


  Step 1 情景导入

  T: Please take out your things on your desk. We use them every day, do you really know them?


  Teacher: Can you tell me what these things made of? And where are they made?

  Students: _____________________.

  ①The books are made of paper

  ②The paper is made from tree.


  Step 2 完成教材1a-1c的任务

  1. 要求学生翻开课本P33页,快速阅读1a表格部分的内容。把物品和可能构成他们的材料匹配起来。

  2. 要求学生听第一遍录音,并完成课本上1b的听力任务。

  3. 要求学生听第二遍录音,并逐句进行跟读。



  6. 小结训练。要求学生在规定的时间内完成一个小练习。并请若干学生给出自己的答案。有错误的话及时解决纠正。


  Step 3 完成教材2a-2d的任务

  1. 要求学生翻开课本P34放录音一遍,完成2a,2b的 听力任务。

  2. 要求学生听第二遍录音,并逐句进行跟读。

  3. 听力内容巩固训练。要求学生根据所听到的内容完成


  A: What did you see at the art and science fair?

  B: I saw a model plane

  A : What is it made of?

  B: It’s made of steel?

  A: Where was it made?.

  B: It is made in Beijing.

  4. 大声朗读听力材料。

  5. 放下听力材料,要求学生模仿听力内容,利用2a,2b的信息分角色练习对话练习。


  6. 播放2d的对话录音,让学生跟读,模仿并理解大意。然后让学生分角色朗读并表演2d的对话。


  1.Chinese is famous for tea both in the past and now.

  2. As far as I know , tea plants are grown on the side of mountains.

  3. When the leaves are ready, they are picked by hand and then are sent for processing.

  4. The tea is packed and sent to many different countries and places around China.

  5. People say that tea is good for both health and business!


  Step4 讲解重点短语和句型:

  a. 词汇包:1. produce v. 生产,制造;也可做名词,意思是:产品;产量;产额;结果

  例句:They produce all kinds of toys in this factory.他们在这个工厂里生产各种各样的玩具。


  1.produce 可以表示生产汽车、机器通过制造而获得的产品。

  例句:They produce cars/ planes他们生产汽车、飞机。


  例句:They produce wheat and rice. 他们生产小麦、稻谷。

  2. make 制造主要指制造工业品;如:make cars/ planes制造汽车、飞机;

  不能表示通过种植而获得的产品,不 能说make rice and wheat

  3. grow 种植、栽培;主要指庄稼,农产品;

  例句They grow wheat and rice every year. 他们每年种小麦、水稻。


  Many of us knows how to ____tea, but few knows where tea trees are_____.

  A. make, made B. grow, grown C. produce, made D. make, grown

  【解析】根据题意可知,第一空“是怎样泡茶”make tea ;第二空是“种茶树”grow tea trees; 故答案选择C。

  2. made of. 由…制(构)成。后接构成某物质的原料。

  例句:This skirt is made of silk.这件裙子是用丝绸制成的。

  be made of/from/upof的区别

  1. be made of 表示制成成品后,仍可看出原材料是什么,保留原材料的质和形状,制作过程仅发生物理变化。

  例句:The kite is made of paper.风筝是用纸做的。

  2. be made from 表示制成的东西完全失去了原材料的外形或特征,或原材料在制作过程中发生化学变化,在成品中已无法辨认。

  例句:The paper is made from wood.纸是木头做的。

  Butter is made from milk.黄油是从牛奶中提炼出来的。

  3. be made up of 用„构成或组成的。指人、物皆可,指结构成分

  例句:Our class is made up of six groups. 我们班是由六个小组组成的。


  This dish isn’t made ____meat, it’s made ____vegetables.

  A. of, of B. of, from C. from, of D. from, from

  【解析】由句意可知,这首菜不是肉做的,是从外表形状上看要用of; 这首菜是用蔬菜做的而外上却看不见,要用from. 故先C。

  b. 句式包:

  1.It seems that many people all over the world drink Chinese tea. 好像全世界的许多人都在喝中国茶。

  句型“It seems that…”意为“看起来好像/似乎„„”,其中seem是连系动词,意为“似乎;好像”,句型中的it是形式主语,不能用其他代词来替代。

  例如:It seems that he was late for the train. 看来他没赶上火车。


  1. seem to do sth,此句型可与“It seems that…”转换。

  例句: They seem to find the way to the cinema. =It seems that they find the way to the cinema.


  2. seem+形容词。

  例句: My temperature seems (to be) all right. 我的体温看上去正常了。

  3. seem+名词。【例句】That seems not a bad idea. 看上去主意不错。



  ____ that he was not a bit nervous before the exams.

  解析:用“It seems that…”结构,再由was确定seem要用过去式。正确答案是It seemed。

  2. When the leaves are ready, they are picked by hand and then are sent for processing in factory.


  此句是由when 引导的时间状语从句,are picked, are sent都是一般现在时的被动结构。

  例句: When the fruit are ready, they are picked and are sent to the mark for sale. 当这些水果成熟后就被摘下来并送到市场上卖掉。

  Step5 语法:



  1. 时态:在英语语言中,时态主要讨论行为动词发生的时间。

  如:He often helps me with my English. 他经常帮助我学英语。(help这个动作经常发生often;故用一般现在时)英语中常用的时态有:一般现在时、一般过去时、一般将来时、现在进行时、过去进行时、现在完成时、过去完成时、过去将来时等等。

  2. 语态:在英语语言中,语态主要讨论句子主语与行为动词的关系。语态有两种:主动语态和被动语态。

  ① 主语是动作的发出者(执行者)为主动语态; 如:

  The tall boy often hits his classmates (主语boy是谓语动词hit的发出者)。

  ②主语是动作的接受者(承受者)为被动语态。汉语中常用“被”、“给”、“由”、“受”等词用来表示被动,而英语用:助动词be + 及物动词的过去分词构成

  如:Chinese is spoken by the most people in the world(主语Chinese是谓语动词speak的接受者)。

  2. 语态与时态的关系:

  在任何一个英语句子中都同时存在语态时态,他们是分析一个英语句子的两个主要元素。如: ① He is looking after his sister at home. (此句为现在进行时的主动语态结构)

  ②He is being looked after well by his parents.(此句为现在进行时的被动语态结构)


  二、被动语态最基本的句型结构是: be +及物动词过去分词

  说明:①、be 有时态,人称和数的变化。


  某些短语动词如look after, think of, take care of, work out, laugh at等,也可用于被动语态。

  三、被动 语 态 的 使 用

  1.当不知道或没有必要指出动作的执行者时,常用被动语态,这时往往不用by 短语。

  “Mr. White, the cup with mixture was broken after class. ”(只是告诉老师杯子坏了,不知是谁弄坏的,或不想说出谁弄坏的)。

  2.突出或强调动作的承受者,如果需要说出动作的执行者,用by 短语。如:

  The cup was broken by Paul.

  3.当汉语句子的主语既不是动作的执行者,也不是动作的承受者时,这时常用in + 名词作状语,而代替 by 短语。

  如:These cars were made in China.




  2.把主动语态的谓语变成被动语态的be + 过去分词,时态要与原句保持一致。

  3.把主动语态的主语变为介词by 的宾语,放在被动语态里谓语动词之后,by 短语可以省略。如果原句主语是地点名词,在被动语态中用in + 地点名词作状语。

  口诀:宾变主,主变宾,谓变be done ,时不变,数格必须随被变。

  五、一般现在时的被动语态:am /is/ are +done

  如:Tea is grown in Hangzhou. 杭州种植茶叶

  The room every day. You can live in now.

  A. cleans B. is cleaning C. is cleaned D. has cleaned




  1. They will say nothing more about thismatter.

  2. They have made some flowers of silk.

  3. He wrote a poem.

  4. The students are planting some treesand flowers.

  5. They are to open up a new businessnext week.

  6. Children couldn’t have done all thisdamage.

  7. All of us will see him off at theairport.

  8. They feed the tigers at the zoo threetimes a day.

  9. You must hand in your homework beforefive.

  10. People say that she is a goodteacher.


  1. Nothing morewill be said about this matter.

  2. Some flowers of silk have been madeby them.

  3. A poem was written by him.

  4. Some trees and flowers are beingplanted by the students.

  5. A new business is to be opened upnext week.

  6. All this damage couldn’t have beendone by children.

  7. He will be seen off at the airport byall of us.

  8. The tigers at the zoo are fed threetimes a day (by them).

  9. Your homework must be handed inbefore five (by you).

  10. It is said that she is a goodteacher. (That she is a good teacher is said by them.)

  Step6 作业:



  Unit5 What are the shirts made of ?

  1.be made of/ be made from/ be made in/be made up of

  2.被动语态的构成: 主语 + be + vt.过去分词+其它。

  一般现在时态的被动语态:主语 + be ( am / is / are ) + 过去分词 + ------。



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